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Just come from Hospital with a broken bone below my knee. I was trying to lift a Petter A type with a bit of rope around my neck & shoulders onto my workbench when the rope snapped & the engine fell onto my right leg & snapped the bugger in two. I did have my mobile & called the Ambulance who in turn called the Fire brigade who lifted the engine off me. As I was on the floor. The Fire crew & ambulance crew both said if I had not had my mobile on me (My shed is 200m from the house & Mandy was out anyway) It could have been much worse. Many folk will quite rightly say silly bugger or I got what I deserve. Well my Dad did say that & so did my Wife.

So to end to all For Christ sake get the right lifting gear & be safe not sorry like I am. I am self employed & it is my Busy period it pains me more that I have to employ someone else to do my work. Yes I have learnt my lessen now I can tell you

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Colin Jacobs
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Sincere condolences

Think of the engine shows you're going to miss :-))

Next time, get bigger engines that you cannot think about lifting, then you "have" to use lifting gear.


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Peter A Forbes

Yes, yes, but was the ENGINE alright ? :)


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CJ> Many folk will quite rightly say silly bugger or I got what I deserve.

You're not wrong there, but good on you for the post, I know it'll make me think twice next time I decide 'I should get away with........'.

Hope the leg heals quickly.

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Yerst. Sorry you're out of commission, Colin & our respect for your honesty! Aside from the inconvenience, as someone who has nipped his tib & fib twixt Velocette and Jaguar, I know just how much it bloody hurts ;o((

Now to important matters. Was the engine damaged? ;o))


Kim Siddorn

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Kim Siddorn

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