A Good weekend at Strumpshaw

Another good year at Strumpshaw Steam rally this year but feel we were let
down with the stationary engine display. Two Engines one Lister D &
Awolesley WD11 were painted in Lime Green for god's sake, One Lister Junior
with several non original bits on ie brass tank straps which I absoulouly
hate where they are not original & several Engines running unnattended. I
think that the marshalling of these has gone down hill & we enthusiasts are
still prone to any accident & responsible if a small child or animal got
through the ropes & god forbid hurt themselves on the flywheeesl of an
unatteneded machine.
Finally yet again this year there was the Cement Mixer running & Listed D
with no guards on again.
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Colin Jacobs
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It seems that there are a growing number of people leaving engines unnattended whilst running.
On the topic of dangerous engines, I was at the Driffield Steam Rally last year with my Lister DK and Ruson PT. Next to me was a large Lister CS. The problem was that the owner didn't have a clue about engines and seemed unintrested when I pointed out to him that one of the flywheels was loose on the crankshaft and moving upto an inch along the shaft. After a lengthy discussion he stopped the engine examined the flywheel before concluding that it was safe as the small pulley wheel would prevent it from coming off the shaft. he promptly re-started the engine and after more discussion I again convinced him to stop it as it was dangerous and would invalidate his insurance. He then tried to explain again to me hat the pulley wheel would hold the flywheel on. He lost the argument however when he pulled on he pulley wheel in an attempt to show it would hold the flywheel back, when all of a sudden the pulley wheel came off in his hands.
Theres just no telling some people.
Mike M
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