Kemble Rally this weekend!

This rally is held at Kemble Airfield, not far from Cirencester, and conveniently situated about halfway between Bristol and Swindon a few miles off the M4. Its normally an excellent show, with the Bristol Museum being open, and plenty of the usual attractions. Even the toilets are kept spotlessly clean.

I'll be taking the Appletop and pump along, the magneto seems to have got over its fit of bad temper :-)

Maybe I'll see some of you there.


Philip T-E

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Not me, I'm afraid, Saxon house building again - but it's the Wessex SEC annual rally at the Clutton flower show in Somerset next weekend. There is always a good cross section of engines to look at and there is an auction on Sunday (not Saturday) at 11.00am.

It's a big field and I'd be amazed if there wasn't room for a few more ;o))

Have a good time all: the weather forecast is excellent.


Kim Siddorn,

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J K Siddorn

A rather different event in store for me this weekend ;-)

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Nick H

We expect to be there, and afterwards we are going to pick up Rita's new engine, the little Norman flat twin, from Stratton St Margaret.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd

That'll be a hot do

(grabs coat, runs out of door)

Brian L Dominic

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