Aquired old generator - have little clue :-)

I have just been given a Stamford 5KVA generator of I presume 1970's
vintage. Apparently it's history suggests it only ever had about an hours
duty in it's life. It's powered by an 8HP Briggs and Stratton engine - this
bit I feel confident about, I can fix (bodge) engines, not that it looks
like it will need much TLC, but I have no real clue about generators.
I can get good and friendly help from an electrical engineer but he's rather
busy at the mo and before I go and start pestering I'd like to get some
basic grounding in the field.
So anyone know of any vintage generator clubs/fansites/text books WHY?
Cheers all
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Not exactly vintage!!! What do you want to know exactly?? My company have been repairing Stamford alternators for many years and will have manuals. Let me know the model number and I'll see what I can do." Incidentally,"low hours" is usually a bad thing with these!!
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If it's been dry stored, it may well just work. Me, I'd try that first!
B&S motors of this era have a foible: the points are operated by a little fibre pin that is shoved by the cam attached to the flywheel. When they are left to stand for a while, this clags up in its aluminium housing and although it may rise and open the points, there it will invariably stay! It is rather fragile, so careful how you get it out. Usually, a needle file wrapped in petrol soaked cloth will clean the hole out without drama.
You will clean the points with a bit of 400 grit (or finer) wet & dry, won't you? Meths to clean off any oily residue and then a bit of card to remove fluff & it will probably produce a spark you can both see and here.
Fresh petrol in the tank & away it will probably go! Noisy, rough & crude brutes that they are, it should produce electricity without problems.
Kim Siddorn
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Kim Siddorn

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