Bed Iron

While doing a colleague a favour by taking some rubbish to the local tip, I kept a few bits as you do.

I saved two single bed frames made of the usual angle iron. There's probably more than I need so if anyone wants some, email me to arrange collection. They're still in bed sized lumps at the moment so an angle grinder would be usefull.

Located Oxfordshire.


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Just a word of caution, I used some old bed irons about thirty years ago and had a few problems as the steel is more britle than normal mild steel angle.



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had a few problems as the steel is more britle than

You are right to warn people Andy, You can't even test a piece before you start as they were mainly made with re-melted scrap & can vary in hardness from soft to tool steel in inches. I have broken drills in it in the past. (Me suffering for being too tight to spend money)

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Dave Croft

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