Big end bearings

Not really stationary engines but I know someone in here will have the answer

Friend of mine is restoring a Ford 103E with a 10hp sidevalve engine. The main bearings are shells but the big ends are poured white metal, anyone know where he can get them re-metalled

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Steve Walford
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I'm not only interested in Stationary engines but also have of Classic Vehicles and there are loads of Classic Car parts suppliers around and if he was to ask a Club specifically Ford chances are he will buy them off the shelf. You could also try UK.REG.CARS.CLASSIC, I quite often find a spares source from that NG. Having them made would be expensive.

Martin P

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I was trying to remember who did the white metalling on a couple of the salvage squad projects and I have a feeling it may have been this lot:-

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Nick H

Not sure who does small bearings, Steve. We use Goltens Marine (real experts at it) for remetalling our 9" shaft dia. babbitted manganese-bronze con-rod bearing boxes. Check antique auto sites for your needs. To see what is involved with scraping to fit (on a much larger scale), go to my site at

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--- Brian, W4OLF

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Brian Bailey

Terry did some work for me a few years ago and was very good, would happily recommend him.


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Paul Evans

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