Brass Whitworth Machine Screws

I've spend an hour on google and e-bay and had no luck.

I'm after a few 5/16'' BSW (or UNC will do) brass set screws, hex or slotted head will be fine, does anyone know of a supplier?

Also, is GFM are still in business? I have a 2003 catalogue but can't find any trace on google.



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How many do you want Julian? I've got lots of odd new stuff in jars I can look through.


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Thanks for the kind offer. However I've just discovered that GFM are still in business and an enquiry had determined that they have some 5/16 BSW hex head screws - far too long but Mr Hacksaw will soon see to that! (They are only to bolt a name plate to an engine.)

Cheers Julian.

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