British Hoist and Crane Co.

Hello to all that join in with NG

has any one out there had any time during a working situation using or erecting a piece of lifting equipment made by the British Hoist and Crane Co of Slough Bucks.

We have obtained one of their hoists which is presumably either mounted at the base or high up on scaffolding on a building /construction site to get building materials up in the air to different working levels.

It's not a large bit of kit but it is well made,using aVilliers Mk twenty five,four stroke engine driving a three speed cable drum to pull up the load, and a braked return operated by a lever and a length of cord,the half inch dia Langs lay hauling rope goes from the drum out to a pulley on an eight foot adjustable angled jib( which is all part of the main unit) to clear any obstructions on its way up and down, no platform appears to attach to the lifting wire rope, one old boy seems to think it had pig tail type hooks that fitted into the handles and around the wheel bracket on a wheelbarrow,via a three legged chain.

If we end up finding out from some one that this bit of kit did all operate from a high level fixing, then it could be a long time before we enter it along with some of our other construction kit as an exhibit, I wouldn't have wanted to have been a brickies labourer setting the kit up,but I suppose it made humping bricks and compo about in a hod almost a thing of the past, and now with front end hydraulic loaders on just about every site, if you can find it to offload you, it's like manner from heaven.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year,

yours truly'

John M. Burbage Leics

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