Crossley with 12" cylinder

A Crossley engine with a 12" cylinder ! Is this possible, or just a tall story ?

It was supposedly fitted in a 55'x11' tug. I've been told it was a three cylinder, with only two working. The third was for starting purposes only, presumably on compressed air.



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Crossley 'HR' series engines had 10 1/2" bore, I think the stroke was around 12". They had (have, there are still a number in service around the world) a scavenge pump which took the form of an extra, much bigger, cylinder in front of the others. Starting, and reversing, was by compressed air direct into the cylinders. I thought the smallest they built was a 3-cylinder though I may be wrong. They were built from the 1940s or maybe late 30s until the

1970s. I think there was an earlier series of direct reversing scavenge pump engines, but know next to nothing about them.


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Tim Leech

13.5" stroke. The CRL series was 14.5" bore with 19" stroke although the smallest was a 4.


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