Epping Forest Festival

We were Saxons & Normans at the Epping Forest Festival in East London
yesterday. "Seen the stationary engines?" intoned one of my mates, so I
wandered across for a look.
There, under the shade of several major oaks, was a forestry display. A
Witte dragsaw sawed patiently away at a four foot diameter log, a Lister D
banged away running the oldest thicknesser I ever saw & a pre-WD Wolseley
made a small circular saw hiss menacingly to itself. There was also a
display of old wooden planes & other woodworking tools & a couple of boards
full of pictures.
As usual with these things, no-one was inclined to rise from their closed
little circle & talk to the punters & dressed as I was in Saxon kit, I was
not minded to drag out my Wessex SEC membership card & claim camaraderie.
Too many questions altogether for a hot summer's afternoon.
No photos, I'm afraid. For us it was a one day two-men-and-a-dog show at the
tag end of the season & I'd not taken the camera with me.
Stationary engines are where you find them ;o))
J. Kim Siddorn,
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Kim Siddorn
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