Free CO2 bottles

I have 2 old empty CO2 fire extinguishers for scrap.

They're just over 4.5" dia x 16" o/a height. The original capacity is

2kg CO2.

They may make good exhaust pots or could be cut up to make wheel rims or wind chimes. The possibilities are endless.

I need the space more than the potential but thought I would offer them to you guys before taking them to the scrap skip.

Located Oxfordshire.


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Also make good fuel/hydraulic/water/whatever tanks (for those of us who aren't fussy appearance wise ;-) )...

Don't know what the steel grade is in them, but they weld OK.

Cheers, Scruff.

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Theyu also make decent rollers for moving heavy bits of kit like my lad's IXL lathe!

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Bob Spowart

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