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I've asked before, but I'll try it again as the population here is always changing.

I'm on the lookout for a mains (230-250 volts 50~ AC) generator. Output,

2 -4 kva. It must work, but tidiness is not especially important and the more interesting it is to look at the better.

It should preferably be light enough to be capable of being manhandled in and out of the Volvo estate.

Price? well, as low as I can persuade you, of course!


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn
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My personal experience suggests that a 2-4 KVA unit will not easily man handle - the 2.5 KVA Start-O-Matic alternators are too much for me single handed A modern unit without the starting coils might be a bit more manageable though.

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John Ambler

Kim My 1961, 800 watt BSA is only just liftable by me. Getting it into a vehicle is a 2 man job. I would suggest that you need one on wheels at least. If you can lift one, well anything you say is fine by me. Honest guv. I did know of a generator which may be available in North Dorset. It is 10 years since I saw it but I believe it's still there. The bad news is that it was burned on the genny side and the engine was seized. So apart from being totally useless, it's in really good condition. Apart from it being a diesel I can't remember much else. If any one wants details, email me off list.


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John Manders

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