Help, information needed to identify Mystery Engine

I am writing this e mail via the good offices of my adult son who suggested that the members of a newsgroup might have the information I need.

I have inherited a large green stationary engine with a plate on it that reads "Villiers Mark One". It has a single spark plug sticking out of the top like a lonely tooth.The green paint is British Racing Green and the whole thing is clearly very old and dusty. I have no idea if it works or what to do with it if it does.It is of no interest to me whatsoever and I need to know if it is of any value, and if so where I might advertise it? Could any of the members of the group please assist me with information?

Liz Butterfield.

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Liz Butterfield
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Liz, Are you sure it says Mark One. I don't recall a Villiers Mk1. They did do a motorbike engine Mk2 and a stationary engine Mk 10.

I'll stand corrected if there is such an engine as a Mark One?

Regards, Ian.

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Liz, Where about is this engine? Someone may be able to visit and help out with identification.


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John Manders

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