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Hi group Just an enquiry. Arthur Griffin and I have both recently submitted orders to Hit and Miss Enterprises. Normally I've had great service and quick delivery, however both of us have now been waiting over a month for delivery of our orders, despite monies being taken from our credit cards shortly after orders were placed. Has anyone else had any problems recently, we now also cannot get email responses from them? regards, Mark

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Mark Drake
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Mark and All, Just to fill in a bit more - I rang H & M today and they confirmed they had received my email today (sent day before yesterday), though the woman on the phone had not got the email available. I had already provided my card details verbally (I wouldn't email them). She said she would get my stuff sent straight away, though no reply to the email as yet.

My last email order was about a month ago and I never received a reply to that, though they didn't take any money from my card account.

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Arthur Griffin

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