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I dashed up to Northamptonshire yesterday to collect my recent E-bay
purchases. It was just about a 100 miles each way (M4/A34/M40/A43 Bewdley)
and including three quarters of an hour chatting time, was completed in four
and a half hours which I thought was pretty good ;o))
I was also home in plenty of time to sneak the treasures into the garage
before Hazel got home from work, so it was an aggravation free day!
I expected to collect a French Guinard (what's that mean?) all aluminium air
cooled lever start engine (2276089987), a Edgar Westbury 80 watt set and a
very interesting small compressor (2277201905) which Mike Hodge kindly
identified for me as a Hymatic set. The advert line drawing he found for me
showed a man carrying it one handed, but I expected that to be artistic
license. Nope, it really is light in weight and the tubular frame is also
the air receiver, an altogether novel and interesting set of solutions in
one place. I look forward to getting into it.
I've been fiddling about with Alco Featherweight engines for years now (one
of my 1970's purchases was an Alco, the unit I passed on to Nigel Cook only
last week) but have never been in the right place at the right time with the
right engine at the right price to buy an original charging set. So you can
imagine my feelings when one was offered to me yesterday for a £100 less
than the one I looked at seriously at the Sodbury Sort out. He demonstrated
it for me, connecting a lights board to it and it started really easily. I
didn't exactly bite his hand off, but a deal was swiftly done and that too
was dragged blinking into the light and loaded into the back of the Volvo.
I've got three EW 80 watts' now, two more than I actually wanted to end up
with. What I'm looking for is a dual voltage one and I was hoping this one
might be - but no. Two of them will be for sale in due course.
A useful day - especially as I got the frame built for the MS in the
J. Kim Siddorn,
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Kim Siddorn
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