OT. Promise not to laugh - but!

One of my work colleagues currently has a couple of student relatives
visiting from Canada on the last leg of their European tour.Yesterday
evening they trawled the internet for flights back to Toronto, eventually
finding (and booking) what looked like a bargain at around $600 for the two
of them. Checking the details this morning to find out which of the London
airports he was going to have to run them to, he found it was in fact London
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Nick H
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A fair amount of consternation there, then.
A family friend was on her way to a long awaited & much desired flight to stay with her son in Australia. Off she goes from Bristol at 6.00am for the run up to Heathrow. At 10.00am, a calm & controlled voice rings me to inquire if I'd be so kind as to have a look in her bedroom for her passport.
Ah. The flight is at 12.15 ........
There it is hiding under her bedspread where it reaches the floor.
A courier is phoned, the man arrives & takes it away. The flight is delayed twice, finally departing five minutes (I kid you not) before the passport arrives. £152.60 .........
Qantas were very good about it & put her on the same flight the next day without charge.
We all reckoned it was a ploy to avoid spending 22 hours in an aluminium tube with a daughter in law, a babe in arms and a toddler otherwise referred to as "grandchildren". Cheap at the price, I'd say.
Kim Siddorn
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Kim Siddorn
Went on a foreign holiday, the first one for many years, with my new GF (now wife) to Cyprus. As she was a more seasoned traveller, I let her arrange the travel while I arranged the accomadation in a friends apartment.
She arranged a flight out on Saturday evening, returning a week and a day later on the Sunday evening.
On the last Saturday evening, we went out for a last nice meal by the seafront and watched an aircraft leave the island, commenting that we would be on that in 24 hours.
On Sunday, we tidied the flat and I was about to arrange a taxi to the airport. Having been told the flight left just after midnight, I looked up the tickets to find out the exact time. Sure enough, the flight left at 00.10 on Sunday. That's 00.10 on Sunday. That is ten past midnight on Saturday night.
GF was highly embarrased and appologetic. We did actually manage to get on a flight back to UK. We even managed to get a flight back to Manchester where we'd left the car. That extra day cost her =A3300.
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Going on the program that features the trials and tribulations of Sleazy Jet, that scenario is played so often, it would appear to be the new English Disease..
BTW, comparable courier charge for that down here would be £1.68
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As the courier had to ride his 750 Honda 120 miles from Bristol to Heathrow & return empty (as it were) I didn't think £150 was out of the way. Say four hours plus - what? - 50p a mile?
If I'd had the K1100LT at that time, I'd have done it myself, but I didn't fancy batting the XBR up the M4 in the rain.
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Kim Siddorn

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