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If someone really wants to steal your car there is little that will deter them. With access to the right data base it is possible to get a great deal of information about any vehicle including the VIN number by simply inputting the registration number into it. If the vehicle is attractive enough to a thief, taping over the VIN number and removing the number plate might delay getting a key cut until the thief breaks in or trailers the car away.
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Richard H Huelin
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This is true, gawd only knows why but my sister had her car stolen once. It was an ancient and rather rusty Hillman Minx (Hunter type), the cylinder head was on the kitchen table being decoked at the time of the theft...
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Dave Liquorice
I guess they didn't need the whole car then.
I know that if I still owned a car the constabulary would still not like me fitting the sort of disabler technology I had in mind. Apperently it contravenes some Stategic Arms Limitation Treaty.
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Paul E. Bennett

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