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Must confess the nuances of many posts re politics & dark deeds pass over my head.

I'm just a simple old git who likes getting rusty things going. They might be stationary engines, motorcycles, machine tools, aeroplanes or photographic kit.

I can never do what I need to do without help. Too stupid. In the engine scene, I gratefully doff my hat to 3 folk in particular who I have found immensely helpful during the last 40 years -- David Edginton, without whom many of us would never have been exposed to engines; John Jeffries, who was the most amazingly down to earth guy despite his most wonderful toys; & Paul Evans, who with his wife & helpers shows us all that passion is a great antidote to personal reward. His willingness to offer freely his knowledge & manual library have been an inspiration to many. I name these 3 because I've known them all. There are probably many others who I don't know personally, but let's speak of whom we know.

In all of the chat about honour, theft, jealousy etc, let's remember this is a fun hobby for most of us. For some, it's also an income, & those of us who benefit from the knowledge of our peers to the point where we are prepared to pay for it -- that's amazing!

I regularly check out the Internal Fire site, not just for the manuals but also for the other hosting & email facilities offered. What's the problem with encouraging Paul to expand those facilities to offer a more secure List, if that's what people need? At least his credentials in restoration, effort & public spirited-financing are well known.

Colin, with no axe to grind

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Bad netiquette I know, but hear hear!

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