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Well my D has landed and I'm (awful pun) positively D-lighted! The

> agreeable smell of oil, petrol and grease, the 'solidness' of the > castings, the beautiful balance of the flywheel, the delicious chuff > from the exhaust and that lovely, lazy tickover... > > But how -- and especially given that it's probably fair to say most of > us here are firmly in the (ahem) afternoon years of lives -- does > anyone manipulate and manoeuvre these things?!

On hard ground you can tilt it over and roll it around on its flywheel without too much bother. I've got a little trolley now for mine, it was a base from an old oil cooled welding transformer - fine on the hard but not too good on soft ground.

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I always kept a selection of various diameter pipes in my garage for this purpose until I could make something more permanent. An engine mounted on a trolley, preferably with steering, is the ultimate but a few pipes cut to

1m lengths laid in the direction you want to move to is better than nothing.
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I get my pension book in December, so I suppose I shouldn't be lumping these things about anymore, but I find I can JUST lift a D off the floor & ease it onto a plank. Then the plank can be lifted at one end then the other for the insertion of blocks of wood to a convenient height. Then you can manoeuvre it onto a trolley of some kind & Bob may well be your mother's brother.

We don't all have nice, flat concrete paths etc, so pneumatic tyres are good if you are stuck with higgeldy-piggeldy paths & lawn.

Steel channel is good, but artic trailers are made from ali channel & this makes s-o-o-o much lighter ramps. Scrap yards yield supplies (take a decent angle grinder) eight feet long is about right.

Don't overdo it - remember your balls are better where they are - no purpose in trying to retract them at our age!


J. Kim Siddorn,

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Kim Siddorn

Many thanks chaps for the suggestions, offers and invitations (and the gags about playing with 'lightweights'!).

The D is on a trolley though it's not terribly attractive -- my son asked why the engine was bolted to a pallet... which gives you some idea! However, the 'pallet' has some fine cast wheels (which apparently came off an old factory gate) so a definite head start in building a nice trolley, probably of the wheelbarrow variety (which will -- conveniently! -- leave two wheels spare for another trolley...).

Mounted on its trolley it fitted into the rear of the car okay but I can see that a trailer is the way forward (no problem 'cos Angela wants one for camping holidays). I have a couple of old Tirfor hand winches doing nothing somewhere in the garage which could be ideal for hoisting on and off a trailer.

How does the D compare weight-wise with a Petter M or a Lister Junior (ie one of the smaller two-wheelers)?

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I really wouldn't bother with the Tirfor, you'll still be winching the thing up onto the trailer by the time everyone else has got home..they are really too s-l-o-w for this job. A ordinary trailer winch of suitable capacity won't break the bank and will speed up the operation.

Erm, a 1.5 hp Petter M is a similar sort of weight, it all depends on the hopper shape. A Lister A or B type is considerably heavier. I would say that about 5hp is the dividing point of starting to need more specialised moving/winching/trailing requirements.


Philip T-E

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You got off lightly... :-))

Both are heavier than the D, possibly the Lister A is heavier than the Petter M.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd

I made a small trolley up from 3"x3" rails and some 3"x1" I had spare. I then fixed 4 heavy duty castors bought from EBay at a very reasonable cost. I can now wheel the engine around my shed whilst I do the rebuild. When it is finished I will build another trolley ala Mr E's bible. A word of caution though. The timber in the plan is 3" not the 2 3/4" obtained from the local timber merchant. My trolley has 'cheeks' on the inside edge to get the fit right.

Regards Mick

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