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Nice to see the work you have done so far. I am glad I sold it to you as it was about no 10 on the list for restoration here.

Well done.

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Pete Aldous
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The method appears commonly in early DIY books up to about 1940. regards

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Roland and Celia Craven

In the late 40s.I worked in a G.M. garage in Australia,another mechanic had a 39 chev.which started to use a lot of oil.Having pulled the engine down he found a loose gudgeon which had worn a wide groove in the cylinder.He could not afford to recond.the engine,so he filled the groove with solder.Everybody told him it would never vork.I worked in that place for another 8 months,he drove the car to and from work every working day and it didn't use any more oil than before the gudgeon came loose.I still find it hard to believe!


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Lars Ericson

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