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We did a major event in Suffolk this weekend & although it was OK on
Saturday, we got rained off on Sunday.
Anyone rallying their Iron Charges this weekend?
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn
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I was increasing my Brownie points by taking my wife to visit her sister in Suffolk also and yes it persised it down from the County of Bedfordshire and back and still is at this very moment. I'm not rallying for a couple of weeks but will be visiting Welland next week.
Martin P
Kim Siddorn wrote:
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Hi Kim, We are off to Flookburgh on the edge of the Lake District on Friday. We still go despite them shutting the Beer tent on Fri & Sat evenings. That shows how good the rally is! -- Dave Croft Warrington England
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Dave Croft
Bulk of the weekend spent trying to get the garage/workshop into a state where I can pop in of an evening and actually do something useful, rather than spend so long finding the bench that dinner is ready by the time I get going. I now have groovy sounds courtesy of a retired walkman and a couple of old computer speakers and Helen has made me some curtains out of an Indian cotton bed spread - very ethnic! As my beer store is also in there I think she has given up all hope of seeing me outside meal times ;-)
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Nick H
As my beer store is also in there I
Isn't that where Martin's alias came from? Self sufficiency = The good life?
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John Manders

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