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Hello all, I am recently returned to the group after some years without internet access. I lived for a few years on an off the grid property in northern California. I had a 2 KW inverter/charger running off of two banks of two L-16 six volt batteries charged either by an overshot water wheel using a GM alternator or a 1 cylinder Lister CD series diesel which provided

120 volts AC. I have pictures of both as well as other albums on my Webshots page here.
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Some of you may already have seen my stationary engine albums. And now to the main reason for this post. I am sure that you all know of Jay Leno, A comedian and variety show host here in the US and you may know that he is a major enthusiast of all things mechanical. I discovered last night that he has a comprehensive web site where he showcases his vast collection in videos, photos and articles. I am just starting into the videos as of this post and don't yet know the full scope of the site which covers cars, motorcycles, aircraft and some stationary equipment of gasoline, electric and steam power. I was just watching Jays self hosted video on his 1925 Doble Series E steam car and I knew I had to inform the group of this site.
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I will leave it to you to find the media that most interests you. The site is well indexed and the different media types and subjects are easy to find. I am new to posting so please forgive any breach of etiquette. Regards; Scott McAfee
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Scott McAfee
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thanks Scott good site! I like the bikes....

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Wow, what a lot of toys this guy has! A very welcome post Scott.


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Nick H

--Gee you might have been a neighbor and I didn't even know it! I'm in Santa Rosa, CA; half solar, half grid. Re: Jay's Garage: hope to make a pilgrimage some time B4 I croak!

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