Somebody (Julian?) wanted a Paxman?

Here on ebay

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Also the same vendor has a Wicksteed hacksaw


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Tim L
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I'd love to buy that, and in Bootle, just a few miles away. The price is a little more than I can afford though :-(

£200! It's a very modern looking thing compared to mine - lacking in charm! I have to say that my hacksaw is a lovely bit of kit, and ''rescued'' for scrap value. That Machine Mart £99 chopsaw of mine will never be used again - coats everything in the workshop with carburundum :-(

Actually, joking apart, if you have a need for one it probably represents a good investment - I don't suppose it will have seen much use in a ship's workshop. I wonder what voltage it is? ISTR that the ships belonging to the company that my dad worked for (Blue Funnel Line) had DC 'lectrickery?


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My Q. & S. hacksaw was more than that, but I bought it before machine tools were commonly advertised online. And I needed someone who'd deliver :-).

But you can spend a grand on a crappy Clarke power hacksaw.


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Christopher Tidy

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