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I have a question for the engineering types amongst the group.

Can anyone recommend a firm to supply small amounts of good turning metal at reasonable prices? There appear to be large number to choose from?

Also, although I have a rough knowledge of metals, can anyone tell me of a book or web page that provides information on the types of steel etc and their ease of turning / uses. At present, if we are looking for example, for a stainless steel that is easier to turn, we would have no idea of the grade required. Hence it would be nice if someone can point us in the direction of some decent up to date learning material, so we can get a rough idea of what we are being recommended!.

Many thanks

Chris Bedo

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For occasional usage, we have a ton or two of bar stock at home, plus a power hacksaw so we can get anything in stock cut as and when. Prices vary from free to market value, depending on what you want and how much you need.

For more regular usage, Parker Steel or Macreadys are probably the best, but small orders don't fare very well, better to get alongside a local engineering company who orders regularly and buy what you need.

The best handbook on steels is the Macreadys pocket book, available for a sum of money from their HQ, I have an old one and a current one, Roly also availaed himself of a copy recently, very comprehensive and a must if you are handling metal regularly. Kind regards,


Peter Forbes Prepair Ltd Luton, UK email: home:

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Prepair Ltd

Order the free one by phone first then if you're still thirsty it contains a form for ordering the Orange book £15 cheque only. Macreadys 01788 542191. HTH Roland

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Roland and Celia Craven

Local scrappie, of the traditional variety. Last one I was in was selling at "pound per pound" for bronze, stainless or ally. Mild steel too, but it's not a very good deal at those prices !

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