Wico A revelation

You may remember a while ago I was pondering over using a Wico A on a Scott
SE where it would sit at an unaccustomed angle. I couldn't see how the
lubrication system would work, but took solace from the fact that some
engines such as Fowlers and the little Alco Featherweight used the mag in
that orientation. Then, flicking through SEM which landed on the doormat
today, I happened upon the picture in Nigel Mc Burney's Wolseley resto
series of a Bamford EG spec Wico with oil pad and scraper perpendicular to
their usual position!
A mystery solved, but it leaves me with a problem - though the oilite bush
will probably retain enough oil for the very light use the Scott is likely
to get, It would be nice to build up the right sort of mag (though I don't
think the Wico was ever fitted as standard, it rather suits the shape of the
engine) but, with no external differences, how will I track down a
'sideways' body?
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