working on Christmas eve (yawn)

Well here we are then. Walking to work this morning through an industrial estate devoid of the usual parked and double parked cars, it is fairly clear that practically no other bugger is daft enough to work today, so it looks like being a bit quiet.

First job as usual is to check email, 38 new messages only two of which were legit (and that's despite an alleged spam catcher which trapped another 50 or so). The usual stuff, although just lately there seems to have been a rash of spam advertising a some hotel in Paris. Judging by the pictures which sometimes open up in the preview pane, the activities are not what you would expect from a big name establishment!

So here we sit by silent 'phones, waiting for 'The Management' in it's infinite wisdom to decide that it really wasn't worth opening and we can all

**** off home (hopefully around mid day).

Think I'll go and get a cup of coffee.

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Nick Highfield
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Hello, is anyone there? As a measure of my boredom I think I would even welcome one of Kim's jokes at the moment!

Why is it that some spam emails come with a paragraph of words apparently chosen at random - I've just deleted one which starts "berkshire bloodroot boggy nitroglycerine..........." ?

Of course one is never alone with a PC and I'm currently listening to WFMU, a station which seems to specialise in the kind of off beam music I enjoy. PC at work has no speakers but I found a pair of in-ear 'phones in the bottom of a draw and have attached a rolled up paper cone to each in an attempt to roughly match the acoustic impedance of their tiny (and tinny) diaphragms to that of free air - it sort of works.

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Nick Highfield

I sympathise Nick, I am sitting here like a lemon as well, waiting for all hell to break loose...but it wont of course cos there is no one here to break the systems. We are however off to the pub at 12:00 (just the one pint though) so I guess when we get back, someone will issue the immortal words "well it is not worth starting anything now" and we can all go home.

Happy Christmas.

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Pete Aldous

Hooray freedom, and fifteen minutes earlier than expected.

Happy christmas everyone.

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Nick Highfield

you're lucky. I'm here as normal today. Leave early, oh what dreams.


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John Manders

Bloke wrote to this month's PC Plus mag "complaining" that he'd had an AOL CD through the door and the random password was "THICK-TAFFY". He didn't say whether he was Welsh.

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