BBC 4 (tv) Programme on model Raiways Tonight Weds 23/1

I would have missed this if it hadn't been mentioned on the Radio, maybe some others will have.

BBC 4 . The Joy of (train) Sets. The Model Railway Story.

21.00 to 22.0 23/1 /2013.

Probably be on the I player if missed.


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Well worth a watch.

The ususal celebrity appearance by Pete Watermnan but also some modelling celebrities such as Mike Sharman and Ian Rice and the MR editor Ben Jones.


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BBC iPlayer is available in UK only, and you also need a license to use it. I don't think we'll get the opportunity to buy a BBC subscription this side of the Atlantic any time soon. Too many copyright deals. Pity.

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Wolf K

"Wolf K" wrote > BBC iPlayer is available in UK only, and you also need a license to use

I believe there are solutions which provide a proxy UK IP address. Google "bbc iplayer outside uk" for several. Regards, Riddles

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You don not need a licence to use it, unless you are in the UK and watching programmes 'live'. A licence is NOT required for viewing programmes that are 'old'.


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Available for download via USENET, Can't recall quite where, BINSEARCH will tell you.


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On 24/01/2013 17:35, wrote: .........

Repeated on 29th at 0030 on BBC4.

I found it a bit disappointing with lots of very old clips of interviews with modellers. They could have made some new ones!


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Dickie mint

Two words: bit torrent.

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There is BBC iPlayer (Global) you could probably watch it there. Have to pay though as your not in a BBC licence payer location. iOS version here

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probably a version available for Android as well.

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Well worth watching, hardly a mention of anoraks. More about the industry and interesting words from Iain Rice.

Cheers, Simon

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