Care v. Enthusiasm

Having been forced to take a 10 day break in the sun of Almeria and leave the latest consignment of DCC chips on the bench today was the day to fit some of them.

Having one of those class 47s which ignore stuff like speed steps and acceleration curves and having a new second hand one waiting for DCC I did the fastest install ever to date and set it up and plonked it onto the track. Off it went around the temp track and whilst I was changing the route drove straight over the edge of the open counter gate! So some 20 secs into the game it now had two broken bogie chassis and a fractured buffer beam!

When will I ever learn?

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Chagrin is in inverse proportion to the time to clueless destruction, I reckon. Guy

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Just zis Guy, you know?

At least you didn't knock it off the work bench!


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Heck its only a diesel, get another one - they all look the same anyway ;-)

cheers, Simon

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Little boxes. All made of ticky tack and they all look just the same.

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Christopher A. Lee

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