Hi. I would like some advice on couplings for 00 locos. I will be using an end to end shunting layout.with magnetic or manual devices Thanks.

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Model Depot

The Sprat and Winkle coupling:

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Christopher A. Lee

Hi Paul.

Have a look at Dingham couplers. Do a google search on the work and you'll find them.

Cheap 12V magnets available from Greenweld at =A32.00 each.


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I'd certainly second that choice. My own exhibition shorty Morna Yard ('cos it's four feet long - geddit?) uses them, and once correctly adjusted I've found them to be utterly reliable; they couple on the tightest of curves - which Kadees, which are otherwise excellent, won't

- and link up with the lightest touch.

I use the S&W electro-magnets to avoid false uncoupling on permanent magnets; the only proviso here is to run them off a battery rather than the output from a transformer, as the AC component of a transformer makes the couplings 'dance' rather wildly..

How reliable are they? Anyone who saw Morna Yard at the Corris Exhibition in Machynlleth last summer will have seen them working throughout the entire three days of the show without a single failure to couple or uncouple on demand. That's darned impressive!


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