Eureka Models website update

Must be the season for webpage updates.....

The Eureka Models website has just been updated with the latest Eureka Times.

Progress on the AD60 and 620/720 new detail drawings of the models More on sound for both models other bits and pieces.....

No competitions though....... ;-)

Wearing one of my other hats......

James McInerney Eureka Models Webmaster

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STOP! In The Name Of The Lore!


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the "Rurr Valley Railway", my G gauge garden homage to the now long gone railways of Tasmania's west coast


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, where the steam era NSWGR secondary lines live on in HO at bucolic "Lambing Flat"


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for the family stuff!

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Lambing Flat
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What a killjoy! You've just spoilt the fun for all the whiners out there!! ;-)

Then again, I suppose they'll just find something to complain about with the models!

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Byron Creek

Wot if u dont want the models factory weathered, cos u have them as is.


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Nathan & Rebecca Cox


You get the non weathered ones, weathering is an option.

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Terry Flynn

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