Flashing Taillights (homebrew!)

Aldi have on offer a reflective strip of material for cyclists etc, with velcro straps- two in a pack for a couple of quid.. So......, well it also has inside a CR2032 battery and string of 4 miniature red flashing LEDs with off on switch etc. Undoing the stiching and releasing the electronics, its the ideal basis for a do-it-yourself, tail-lamp flashing assembly.

I will try and scan it shortly, but it consists of a tiny PCB 15mmx10mm approx, with clickon-clickoff switch, and three solder terminals. An Integrated circuit is 'blobbed' onto the board as per digital watches. Battery connects to two terminals, and is replaceable, in a self contained plastic sleeve. 4 miniature LEDS are connected to the third terminal, and the common of the battery terminals. The whole assembly has a fixed flash rate of about 2 per second. All for £2 ish for two ( can't remember if it was £1.99 or £2.49) but the reflective bit makes an ideal relective cat collar for a black cat on dark nights- The LEDS were an amzing bonus.

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