Level crossing flashing lights

My wife is well trained ... prior to throwing anything plastic away
she asks if it can be used for the sons railway.
The latest 'find' was one of those children's novelty battery operated
tooth brush's. The batteries can be replaced but the heads cant.
This one had a pair of red flashing lights on a fire engine. Once cut
along the glue lines the motor (3 volt) can be removed plus, after
removing several small screws, a circuit board containing the lights.
OK it's not to 00 scale but for a children's layout it will be easy to
house the circuit board in a rectangular 'box' to form a single set of
the warning lights at automatic level crossing. Even with two in
series it will only be rated at 6 volts so I will add a street lamp at
the crossing or mount a simple battery box under a gate house cottage
to power it.
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