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Can anyone please point me in the right direction to view a colour sample of what is generally considered to be the definitive GWR grey as used on freight stock.

I understand that it was mixed by hand so in real life there was some colour variation - something I'm trying to emulate. However the colour examples I've found so far vary from a pale 'battleship' grey (which I'm sure is to pale) to a near black.

For some reason the many the B&W photos that I've got in various books don't help all that much. :-(

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Chris Wilson
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The accepted wisdom is darker than LNER or LMS, with more than a hint of olive. But colour perception, especially in the male of the species, is very much empirical.

The paint would have mixed to a formula, but the tailings from any other mix would likely have been tipped in.

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John Bishop

That's the problem, folks talk of it being a dark grey or a slate grey - but what's "Slate Grey"? During my more physical periods I've climbed on slate that's purple, green, blue and even once pink; likewise "Olive" I can think of a dozen shades that have under one circumstance or another been described as Olive :-(

Thanks for trying to help though, but I've bitten the bullet and just gone and ordered a tin of Phoenix GWR Wagon Grey (amonst some other stuff) from Mainly Trains, once it arrives I'll use it as a datum for future projects.

Oh, you don't have to tell me that, I've just been having a discussion with she who has to be obayed as to the correct colour of candle to purchase for the bedroom wall ... arghhhhhhh!

Yup, also repairs, repaints and "newness" would have altered the shade as well. That's why I was looking for the "official" shade to serve as my baseline.

BTW Langley -

Very well organised again, congrats to your good self and the team.

Lots of superb exhibits, the only problem being that once the ankle biter had spent their (my!) money they wanted to get home to play so I didn't get as closer look at some of the exhibits as I would have liked.

The traders let me down though, half way through the first day (you know what time I arrived) and none of them had *any* 00 points, points that I desperately need. Don't know what it was like on day 2 though as I was in Lancashire by the time you opened. Spent most of my money at the CMRS stand - lots of models purchased the rest of it went to the chap selling tools/materials in the side room - very helpful chap. Some very good deals at the "second hand" stalls problem was I'd spent all my money on kits and materials ...

... are you having a club open day again this year like the last one? If so, any idea when?

ps. Do you have the telephone number for Village Models? I fancied buying some scrap loads from them but missed out.

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Chris Wilson

Cheers I'll sweet-talk SWHTBO then give him a bell - during the daytime.

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Chris Wilson

Have you got access to 'Great Western Way' published by the HMRS? I seem to remember that had a colour chart but cannot recall if it had wagon grey. My copy is currently in storage so I cant check it for you. How did you get on with that milk van?

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'Fraid not, my libary is growing slowly but surely with the emphasis on slowly.

It became a somewhat nearish! prototypical L&Y horse carriage/truck, when (if) I ever get time to put up a new "Dormouse line" site I'll post a pic. The other chassis is still lying there.

Meanwhile, although the Dormouse Line Mk2 has done away with the need for SWB wagons(*) I'm building in a high to low level transfer that is just crying out for an automated tipping mechanism of the type you sent me, that is going to be great fun when built.

(*) Although I'm going to build some anyway as works 'hacks'.



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Chris Wilson

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It has a colour chart but there are no greys on it.


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Pat Hammond

Thanks for the heads-up, my tin of phoenix GWR Freight Grey arrived a few days ago. Nice paint BTW goes on very well.

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Chris Wilson

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