Track planning software

At present I am using pencil 1.0, but I'm not averse to the idea of track
planning software. HVR2 won't actually run on any of my (several) Windows
PCs and having tried the demo version of WinRail, I can't see an easy way
of setting up the baseboards. Is it just a matter of drawing lines? And
is there an easy way of inserting lines of a given length, rather than
adjusting them later?
Also, the demo version of WinRail won't run under Wine. Has anyone
succeeded in getting any of the Windows based software running under Wine?
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Just zis Guy, you know?
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You might like to have a look at Templot,
formatting link
This is a template generating program, based on real track geometries, but can be used, and is used, to design complete layouts. It is possible to have background shapes to lay out baseboards or whatever. Strongly recommended.
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Paul Boyd
I haven't got any track planning software running under Wine, but XtrkCad has a native Linux version, including a demo version.
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Jeff Ward
I have used both the Linux and Windows versions of XTrkCad and it does everything I want it to.
Cheers David
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David Bromage
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Just zis Guy, you know?

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