Hornby Select as a "walkabout".

As Simon threw down the challenge I spent a few moments on the problem of point control from walkabouts.

Having read both manuals it is rather obvious that the addresses used by the two units are quite different both numerically and functionally.

As the select views addresses sequentially and without prefix except in the case of functions it is necessary to use the Select method of accessory numbering and then both units can recognise them.

Originally I had blindly copied the Elite intruction to make my first point No1 so that the sequence 1,2,3,4 would automatically follow. This means loco 1 to the select. The select wants 61 for the same job!

So -- 61,2,3,4 it is and off we go! The functions operate by simply punching up f 0/1/2 etc and it is applied to the loco selected. Pressing Func whilst that loco is under control will act as the on/off command.

This, of course, limits the number of addresses available as points and locos and even the select eats into those available but I cannot see that as much of a problem.


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Excellent, will be using that setup then and let us know any other things you discover.

Cheers, Simon

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