Lenz set 100.

Hi All,
Am so very impressed by my Lenz Compact that I have decided to upgrade to a
Lenz set 100, can anyone suggest where I might find the best price for it .
Best price located so far is Hattons at £240 plus an additional £44 for the
TR150 transformer.
Also are adverts welcome on this forum?
Regards, Eddie.
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Edward Bray
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"Edward Bray" wrote
Not arrived, so I've removed the question marks from your advertised email address and contacted you direct.
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John Turner
From the Newsgroup Charter (posted on the 12th of each month).
Adverts should be clearly marked in the subject line (the words "AD", "For Sale", "Exhibition" or "Commercial" at the start of the subject line are recommended).
Short (less than 20 line) commercial announcements relevant to UK rail model making are permitted (either manufacturers or traders), though extensive advertising lists are not permitted (these should be available by mail, ftp or http to interested readers).
Commercial advertisers should not post adverts more frequently than once per month.
Private for-sale adverts are permitted, though should be short and concise. Discussion/negotiation should be via private email. Announcements by model railway clubs and societies are permitted, though should be concise and relevant. Announcement of model railway shows is permitted. Blatant off-topic or commercial advertising is not permitted.
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Thanks Martin,
Just curious as I thought I would offer my 1 week old Lenz Compact and Transformer on here before trying ebay.
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Edward Bray
I can highly recommend Syston Trains near Leicester. I recently bought a Set 100 plus TR150 transformer for =A3250, a decent decoder was also thrown in for free.
Cash or cheque only, but the best prices for Lenz you will find anywhere!
Edward Bray wrote:
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Eddie, if you're still trying to get rid of yours, there's a chap on the Yahoo group
formatting link
looking for a Lenz Compact
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