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Don't start me on about banks.
If I'd the time to be bothered I'd certainly be trying to reduce the profitability of my not-so-local HSBC Bank. What a shower of utter greed and total incompetence.
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John Turner
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It is only because people buying model railways in the UK still genuinely value the local, personal touch that you can survive, let alone thrive.
In the USA, the smaller retailers have no hope of competing with the New York mail order outlets and the large toy store chains, because price is everything and the local, personal touch is not valued to anything like the extent it is here.
In my field, photography, the situation in the UK with photo gear is much the same as in the US with model trains. The market is dominated by mail order or large chains, and the local photo shop is rapidly dying out. I suppose that will eventually happen with model railways here, but probably not for at least a decade, when the current generation of modellers begins to die off.
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Tony Polson
G'day, A friend here in Australia is looking for a network southeast 2 car dmu 32901. Does anyone know if it available. Thank You. Graeme Hearn
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Aha! After performing actual research (emailing the LGB help site) and being told that there was a kind of glue named UHU made in Germany that was used at the factory, but that they were not completely satisfied with it, I rummaged through an old tool box and tried some stuff in desperation. It worked! The glue goes by the catchy name of "Fix-All Adhesive". It is made by Super Glue Corporation, part number T-FA, and the 18.4 ml tube has a telephone number of 800-424-9300. The company is located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
The directions call for applying the glue to both parts and letting them dry for ten minutes, which worked perfectly.
Happy sticking!
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video guy
I have used UHU (readily available in the UK) for sticking my home-made slider switches onto the top of Peco point motors. It has worked well for several months and withstands the healthy 'clunk' of capacitor discharge operation.
The secret is in the 'ten minute rule' -so be patient.
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I've found that contact adhesive is only any use for sticking flat surfaces to flat surfaces. For glueing anything edge-to-ege I need a solvent of some kind. Even these are generally useless for soft plastics.
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I did the same in 1984 to fix the fairly hard plastic of Peco slide switch to the metal of the point motor. They are still firmly fixed 22 years later.
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Alan P Dawes
Thanks for that John. I've used the "ordinary" yellow tube UHU a number of times over the years and have found when gluing two (large) unlike plastic surfaces together (eg plasticard flat deck on wagon chassis) that both pieces bulge and distort badly.
Regards, Greg.P. NZ.
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Greg Procter

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