LNER Thompson 59'6" corridor compo coaches

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Trying to solve a puzzle re. the above, and none of my many books of railway photos seems to be giving any real clue; were the corridor and compartment sides identical in terms of both (a) no. of oval loo windows and (b) provision of "plain" as against "toplight" full-size windows? I'm assuming that the overall appearance - discounting the different lengths of 1st ans 2nd clss compartments - is *broadly* similar to the 63' corridor 2nd, but with 2 rather than 3 full-size windows in the middle section between the two doors. Right or wrong? All feedback very welcome, as ever, and thanks in advance for light shed on the matter.

David Belcher

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Can't help directly but, this coach is diagram 328 which is covered in Isinglass drawing No. 272.


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