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During my witch-hunt for bad track, badly laid track etc I
have found a new fault!! Whereas my rolling stock is now a little
more content I found myself taking much closer interest in single axle
pony truck performance. The most frequent offenders being Bachmann
53XX and Hornby 51XX. Points were always involved and nothing leapt
to view but closer inspection showed a point blade slightly lower than
the through rail. When used in the facing mode the pony followed the
curve and the flange followed the through rail and ignored the blade.
In this process I counted 4 different types of peco point
( different in construction ), it leads me to wonder how many types
are still in service?
The type giving problems have no under plate to support the
moving blade stretcher beam whereas others have an under support slung
between adjacent sleepers on both sides. As most of mine are newish I
cannot decide if the newest are unsupported or not -- any data out
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I have just checked a medium right hand I bought a few weeks ago, and there is no obvious support for the stretcher. However, there are slide-plates on the first sleeper into the point under the blades, so I think the blades are meant to be supported by these.
Ian J.
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Ian J.

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