Printable 4mm scale tunnel mouth templates ...

Does anyone know of anywhere on the web where I can find templates of 4mm
tunnel mouths that I can print out and use as a cutting guide. Because of
space constraints I have to scratch build 3 tunnel openings into a space of
around 11" and conventional commercial tunnel portals/mouths simply won't
... oh and my poor drawing skills are currently preventing me getting a home
made template "just" right.
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Chris Wilson
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What about tracing off the tunnel mouth to get the size then adding the rest youself to suit the location?
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This is just an idea but how about getting a photo of something that matches what you need
Scale the image to the printer and then paste the image on to plasticard and cut it out
-- Regards From Gray The Madcaravanner from Chesterfield
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You don't have to be mad but it helps
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Graham A Wilson
Haven't got one :-(
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Chris Wilson
Bloody good idea ... however in view of the paucity of replies last night I had another go at drawing a template.
Using the clearance figures published by his holiness St Cyril the Freezer in The Model Railway Design Manual I got out the old compass and pen and came out with a superb template ... absolutely 1st class ... only there's isn't enough room, even if I do a double and a single side by side ...
So I'm working on a triple!!! road tunnel mouth ... anyone know if there's any historical precedent? ...
... and if that doesn't work I'm going to have to go for a "small" double and a tiny as in gnats whiskers clearance single.
Cheers everybody ...
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Chris Wilson

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