Proto 87 using P4 wheels

I have updated my P87 spread sheet on my web page. I expect that
purists will not like the resultant numbers but it does allow the use
of P4 wheels re-gauged for P87. This will solve the problem of no
commercial support for P87 steam locomotive driving wheels.
Terry Flynn
formatting link

HO wagon weight and locomotive tractive effort estimates
DC control circuit diagrams
HO scale track and wheel standards
Any scale track standard and wheel spread sheet
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Well the problem is that most people do not want to go to the trouble of building 'finescale' trackwork with the corresponding wheel standards to make things like P87 widely-accepted. I think it's a really good standard and coming from a prototype rail background I know what the real thing is like so to replicate that properly in model form is quite an achievement and visually the impact is astounding compared to the commonly-followed NMRA RP-25 standards.
That said, at least a lot of places are beginning to shift from RP-25/110 to RP-25/88 standards for wheels/track. But like the development of DCC and the introduction of Kadee couplers, nothing happens overnight with universal acclaim.
There's plenty of scope for talking about P87, etc. in the forums at my site if anyone wants to take up the discussion there, but here is fine too.
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C. Dewick

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