This place is really quiet lately... almost makes me wish that Mark Newton and whatzhisname were
sparing on r.m.r. again and sharing their superior intellect with us
mortals. :-)
Whatever happened to that dynamic duo?
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Peter W.
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On 5/19/2010 11:10 PM Peter W. spake thus:
Yeah, what was whatshisname? I can't remember it either.
Could look it up in the archives, I suppose, but I'm too damn lazy.
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David Nebenzahl
No, the little voices telling him to try the liver and fava beans blue- plate special.
'To Serve Man'
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Lobby Dosser
The Australian Model Railway Association has placed on their website
formatting link
their new standards. Standards include a fine tolerance wheel and track standard with dimensions for roller gauges, a minimum radius standard and track centre standards. Be warned, they use international standard units.
whatzhisname (Terry Flynn)
formatting link
HO wagon weight and locomotive tractive effort estimates
DC control circuit diagrams
HO scale track and wheel standards
Any scale track standard and wheel spread sheet
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