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Given that you all want something to discuss, how about this? I posted it elsewhere, but didn't get much interest.

I have always been concerned at the lack of an oil nipple in the headstock pulley on my ML7 because lubrication here is stressed when using back gear. I shall be removing the spindle soon as part of an overhaul so I wonder if it would be worthwhile drilling a hole in the pulley and fitting a nipple. Until now I have removed the recessed grub screw from the middle pulley and squirted oil down the hole, but am not sure if oil is actually reaching the bearing.

Being an early lathe (K8733) it has the sprung ball lubricators on the carriage and apron etc. rather than proper nipples as used in later machine. All but one of these is functional so would there be any advantage to fitting nipples?

Cliff Coggin Kent UK

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Cliff Coggin
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Cliff, on my ML7 it has an oil nipple, in the recess on the front of the pulley just behind the bronze gear, and the drilling goes through the bronze shaft (one piece with the gear) and onto the spindle.

Squirting oil through the grubscrew won't actually reach the spindle.


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