Where is this place America?

With reference to mbiasotti message about the solidworks broadcast. I was quite interested to have a look at this but, 'darn it!', I happen to live it that 'other place' - the rest of the world.

What about about us in the rest of the world? I know its hard for you lot over there to remember America isn't the only country in world but I had assumed the 'community' CAD newsgroups were open to was global and not just the good ol' US of A.

I don't exactly know what 4.30 EDT equates to here, but I can imagine I won't be at work. I realise this is from SolidWorks but I can't imagine any other organisation would have been any more considerate.


PS. Is it still only 5% of US citizens who hold a passport?

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Sean Kerslake
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You mean there's nothing like TiVo for computers where you can program some software to log onto the internet and record something like that? Strange.

Anyway, PTC has for years done the same thing, had "broadcasts" scheduled for some inconvient hour, but I never pay attention because they immediately put it on their site and make it available for viewing at MY convenience. SW, on the other hand, has never done this before. You can understand their attempt to arrange it for a time when the majority of their users (mostly Americans) could participate. But hopefully they're smart enough to realize that benefitting, as you call it, the rest of the world, China or India, for instance, would be good for their future.

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David Janes

What'da'ya want from a country that uses feet, inches; faith based savings time? 8~)

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Jeff Howard

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