Where is the best place to sell?

I am just doing some research on behalf of a friend who is not very familiar
with the internet, but is a collector of model engines. I am equally
unfamiliar in his field, but I know he has a new engine and carriage that he
wants to sell (I think it's 5" gauge, if that makes sense). I have tried
looking at EBay for him to sell on, but they have a £100 reserve charge for
items over £5k so he doesn't want that. Can anyone advice him where the best
place to sell is? Or are there any active websites that offer a selling
Many thanks,
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Rob Jones
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There are specialist auctions for stuff like this advertised occasionally in the back of Model Engineer magazine.
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"Rob Jones" wrote
Most auction houses make a charge for unsold lots which do not reach their reserve. The purpose of this is to prevent unreasonably high reserves being placed on items, resulting in loss of commission to the auctioneers.
If the model your friend wishes to sell is a quality lot, and his reserve is *reasonable* then I don't think he needs to worry about the *reserve charge*.
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John Turner

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