I have some old Grafar Gresley suburban coaches which I have been fettling up and painting. I thought it might be amusing to convert one to a push-pull to run with my N2. It's a quick and dirty conversion, I extended the roof slightly, filed the end flat and cut windows, made the window frames and visors out of .010" strip styrene, and glazed with some polycarbonate. The chap inside has a brake handle which I made from soldered brass rod.

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?id=0B0jIywV5GI9_MF9xMi1ocks4dWs It was about two days' work to do, but well over half of that was building one good coach from two. They are old and second hand and have been dropped once or twice, I had four good ones (already painted) and one fair one plus one smashed.

As you can see, I have fitted sockets for Kadees. I will leave the coupler off the driving end and find a hook from somewhere. Does anyone sell brass coupling hooks at a rational price? Guy

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