Question for Clubs with their own premises.

Hi Guys
It is beginning to look like the Fareham Club's search for a new home may be
over and we are now moving into a period of detailed negotiations about
things like leases &c.
I would like to be able to answer the question of what "planning use"
category MRC clubrooms are generally placed in, partly because it looks like
I may have to apply for a "change of use" on the building we have most
recently looked at and partly because I want to make sure we get the
"correct" deal.
Question: Could clubs please tell me what category your premises are
considered to be in?
These will typically be something like "Business", "Community Use" "Retail"
or "Industrial", and may well have a subcategory such as A2 as well.
Thanks in advance
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Elliott Cowton
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"David Smith" wrote
Councils are able to offer a discretionary discount on rates to voluntary organisations. The best people to discuss this whole issue with, including any potential change of planning use would be your local authority.
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John Turner
Thanks for the replies guys. We already know all about the discretionary rebates on rates and so on and we are talking with the local authority about these things - they will be our landlords after all.
The questions I am trying to answer are: "What do I want to change the use of the building to"? "What will be the correct category"? and "Is this backed up by 'case law' (or at least quotable examples)"?
There are those (both officers and councillors) who classify us as a community group and will back us to get the community group rates/discounts on occupancy of the building.
Equally there are those (both officers and councillors again) who have told me that they regard us as a "Light Industry" and they want to make sure that we are charged and "bound to the rules" accordingly...
Anyone who saw the item on the BBC programme "South Today" tonight about banning a pre-school from letting their children out to play in the garden because of the noise pollution they cause will realise my concern - I am dealing with the same authority.
This is why I need to know how other clubs are treated so that if push comes to shove I can quote examples and create the appropriate stink in the press with evidence to support my claims.
Can anyone comment on how their club is categorised please? Contact me off list if you wish (remove the fact that I hate spam from the address on this message to reach me).
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Elliott Cowton
If the council think that you are industrial it would be interesting to know which product you are manufacturing and selling. Could you post to
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I think the crucial factor is the amount of nuisance created for people living nearby. There are considerations such as noise, parking, number of people coming and going, etc.
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"Kev" wrote in news: rather than ... takes longer but much better responses ... at least in terms of quality.
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Chris Wilson
You might like to consider the possibility of having an educational role, setting up a trust and tapping into Lottery funding. An organic gardening group near here went that route, our group decided it wasn't worth the box-ticking trouble in view of our small turnover (about £1500 a year). If you run profitable exhibitions it may be worthwhile.
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Ken Parkes
I know our club, Ipswich aka IRMA, had the use changed to a club with the condition that it would not be used after 11PM.
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D1 or D2......
D1 Non-residential institutions
Surgeries, nurseries, day centres, schools, art galleries, museums, libraries, halls, churches.
D2 Assembly and leisure
Cinemas, concert halls, bingo and dance halls, casinos, swimming baths, skating rinks, gymnasiums or sports arenas (except for motor sports, or where firearms are used).
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Peter Tomlin

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