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Hi all,
At Warley I was speaking to someone about good references for British
Railway Wagons and they told me to search for a name - I wrote the
name down but a combination of bad handwriting and trying to write on
a floppy piece of paper I can't read what I wrote.
It's certainly Paul and it looks like Barrett or Bartlet or Barffett
but none of those return a match for a Railway Wagon reference site,
does anyone know what it might be?
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Am in the middle of painting some 16T mineral wagons so had a look at his photos. Lots with no paint on except for the white stripe. Frequently stripe obviously painted by man with brush in hurry, one had straight line but it didnt end exactly at edge of wagon and there was a run of paint. we try so hard to do things perfectly and all to often its just not realistic !
Cheers, Simon
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You ought to see contemporary photographs of the allied airfleet painted with the 'Invasion stripes'. Hardly a straight line in the house !
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Keith Patrick

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