Three-wheel coaches

Has anybody seen the latest Gaugemaster adverts showing Piko G-gauge
stuff? There's one inside the back cover of the May Model Rail. At the
bottom of the advert it says "3-wheeled coaches due later in 2009".
Could be interesting to see how they balance on the rails.
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Jane Sullivan
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Remember the Rev. Weech riding the rail tricycle in the Titfield Thumderbolt? It was like a bicycle with an outrigger wheel on the other rail.
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Christopher A. Lee
Three wheels is perfect, as all three will be in contact with the rails at all times, unless the track is particularly uneven so as to cause bouncing.
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Man at B&Q
If the Bristol and Exeter could have a 2-wheeled carriage behind a 4-wheeled engine on 2 rail, why can't we have a 3-wheeled coach on a 3-rail system?
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Christopher A. Lee
Sounds right, 3 rail based on a chariot, after all the between rails width based on horses bottom.
There again could be a variation on early US "3 wheels on my coach and I'm still rolling along..."
cheers, Simon
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For many years the Victorian Railways, and probably many other railways also, used hand propelled, by push-pull handles, tricycles on rail, used by the gangers for track patrols, The outrigger third wheel could be folded up against the main structure. Not the easiest vehicle to model in a small scale. Bill Pearce.
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Bill Pearce

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