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where (as I understand it) both the A and B units are motored does this mean that the A and B units can be run separately? Look at it another way; to run them together on DCC are you running one loco or two operating in MU/Consist?

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Graham Harrison
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From: "Graham Harrison" Subject: US F7A/B sets

Indeed you can run them separately both in model form and prototypically. I believe some B-units actually had a driving facility in one end and a porthole through which the 'driver' could see where he was going. Naturally this was not likely to happen at the head of a train as visibility was severely limited, but was ok for shunting or just moving the unit.

I'd be inclined to fit a decoder into each unit and run them as a consist.


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John Turner

The B units had a driver's stand so the hostler could move the engine around the engine servicing area. Since most were equipped for MU operation, they were sometimes run with GPs, etc, especially towards the end of their useful lives. They were never used as a lead engine AFAIK.

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The driving position of the F(x) B units had a limited control system, capable of operating the unit individually at "hostling" speed, ie limited speed and minimal hauling capability. (and possibly limited braking capability)

I'd go along with you on fitting a decoder to each unit, particularly as after the first few years of production F A and B units tended to be coupled together as required to suit the size of train required.

Greg.P. NZ

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Greg Procter

Which fits with the very limited visibility they had when operated this way. Also, if I remember a previous discussion about that from a long time ago, there were no seats and the "control stand" was just that: standing operation just like you would an 1890s era tram car.

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It would seem that the model I am contemplating has sound/DCC in each unit. I am told I have two programming options. I can program each as a separate loco and then run them as a consist/multiple unit or I can give them both the same loco number (but then I can't run them separately without having to remove/isolate one half).

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Graham Harrison

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